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  Chuck D Hey there, I’m Chuck D! I was born in the hills and hollers of West Virginia, but managed to make my way west to South Monterey County. I’ve traveled all over this great nation of ours (in fact, of all 50 states, there are only two that I have yet to visit-can you guess which two?). I LOVE movies and music (naturally) and I spend a great deal of time fawning over my lovely wife and two sons. Now, if he could just get a few minutes alone in the bathroom from time to time, life would be perfect!

Michael Davis

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32 crazy years in radio for me. 24 incredible years here at KC 102. My resume also includes KNAC/Los Angeles and KFMG/Albuquerque. But what do you care, you’re not hiring me. Besides I’m not leaving KC 102 where I play what I want and your requests too from 5 to 7 almost every weekday afternoon. I’m the MD in the afternoon with a cure for whatever ails you.

2014 big summer for concerts. Who is going to join me at Kid Rock, Journey and Steve Miller at the Mid State Fair!

Trips to Minnesota and Lake Tahoe.

Listen to win my personal 49er seats. They Red and Gold and in my backyard, but still, listen.

2015 I continue to support Cal Basketball as the assistant to the assistant coach. LOL. Go Bears.

Thank you…Michael Davis